Loan Products, Term Loans, Commercial Equity Lines

Gold Coast Bank lines of credit provide ready cash to help you meet short-term funding needs, such as increasing inventory, dealing with seasonal cash flow issues, or taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. You pay interest on the outstanding principal balance each month, and you can access your line by writing a check or making a phone transfer to your Gold Coast business checking account.

Commercial Term Loans
Term loans are best suited for long-term financing of capital expenditures such as plant or office equipment over one to seven years.

  • Fixed Rates
  • Long Term Repayment up to 7 years
  • Uses: Finance vehicles, equipment, machinery, business expansion
Commercial Equity Lines of Credit
Commercial Equity Lines of Credit offers the business owner the opportunity to utilize the available equity in their building to secure a line of credit.

  • Variable Rate
  • Revolving Credit Lines
  • Interest Only Option
  • Uses: Inventory, working capital
Small Business Lines of Credit
  • Variable Rate
  • Revolving Credit Lines
  • Checkbook Access
  • Uses: Business expansion, temporary cash flow, inventory, seasonal needs