Parviz-FarahzadParviz Farahzad

Parviz Farahzad founded Little Rock Construction & Properties Inc. in 1981 which developed, leased and constructed numerous real estate properties in the Long Island, New York area. Mr. Farahzad received his Ph. D in Applied Mathematics, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the State University of Stony Book in New York. Prior to developing real estate, Mr. Farahzad worked as an associate scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and an assistant professor of mathematics at The University of Vermont. Mr. Farahzad also formed a software company, Pattern Automation, Inc. Currently Mr. Farahzad is primarily a real estate developer in the retail sector. He is also the owner, founder and operator of Grumman Studios, one of the largest film and television studio facilities in the Northeast.